Twelve Traditions

Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Our welfare should start things out; individual recuperation relies on A.A. solidarity.
  • For our gathering there is one extreme expert – a cherishing God as He may convey what needs be in our gathering soul.
  • Our pioneers are reliable workers – they don't administer.
  • The main prerequisite for A.A. participation is a craving to quit drinking.
  • Each gathering ought to be independent, aside from in issue influencing different gatherings or A.A. all in all.
  • Each gathering has one basic role – to convey its message to the alcoholic who still endures.
  • An A.A. bunch should never underwrite, money, or loan the A.A. name to any related office or outside big business in case issues of cash, property and notoriety occupy us from our basic role.
  • Each A.A. gathering ought to be completely self-supporting, declining outside commitments.
  • AA ought to remain always non-proficient, however our administration focuses may utilize unique specialists.
  • A.A., all things considered, should never to be sorted out, however we may make administration sheets or boards straightforwardly mindful to those they serve.
  • AA has no sentiment on outside issues; subsequently the A.A. name should never to be drawn into open debate.
  • Our advertising strategy depends on fascination instead of advancement; we need dependably keep up close to home obscurity at the dimension of press, radio, TV and movies.
  • Obscurity is the otherworldly establishment of every one of our customs, consistently reminding us to put standards before identity