Twelve Steps

Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

  • We conceded we were weak over liquor - that our lives had turned out to be unmanageable
  • Came to trust that a Power more prominent than ourselves could reestablish us to rational soundness.
  • Settled on a choice to turn our will and our lives over to the consideration of God as we got him.
  • Made a looking and brave good stock of ourselves.
  • Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another individual, the precise idea of our wrongs.
  • Were totally prepared to have God expel every one of these imperfections of character.
  • Unassumingly requested that he evacuate our weaknesses.
  • Made a rundown of all people we had hurt, and become willing to offer some kind of reparation to them all
  • Made direct corrects to such individuals wherever conceivable, with the exception of when to do as such would harm them or others.
  • Kept on taking individual stock and when we weren't right instantly let it be known.
  • Looked for through supplication and contemplation to improve our cognizant contact with God as we got Him, asking just for information of His will for us and the ability to complete that.
  • Having had an otherworldly arousing as the aftereffect of these means, we endeavored to convey this message to heavy drinkers, and to rehearse these standards in all issues.