People come to the Laksh Group Programme from numerious cities in India. These people belongs to any age factor, social behaviour, occupational and religious backgrounds. There are no restriction on caste, creed or social status. user refer themselves or are referred by another persons from medical, legal, family mental health or communities.


After admission, a general health routine assessment is conducted by our specialist, and thereafter the detoxification process is started. After the patient’s physical condition has stable, the patient is moved to Primary Care where through various mediums of the programme he is made to understand the multi faceted aspects of his illness; his powerlessness over the use of his substance of choice and his unmanageability, if he continues to use. He learns the importance of surrender to a Higher Power in order that he may start to take the first step in his recovery.


While the length of remain for patients at LAKSH differs as indicated by individual need, the normal stay is 90 days. The treatment itself is an engrossing, concentrated encounter. Patients need to carefully hold fast to the every day plan, which gives them a cognizant familiarity with time zones and time the board. The 24 hours is isolated into work/ponder times of 38.25 %, relaxation/practice 17.70 %, life satisfying exercises 12.50 %. Day by day bunch treatment enables patients to more readily get themselves and their malady, through a procedure of tuning in to sharing of comparative encounters by their kindred drunkards/addicts in treatment. By sharing individual encounters, patients adapt, regularly out of the blue, to discharge pressure and thusly start to trust and look for assistance from companions and friends and family. Gathering sessions on despondency, the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics, Anonymous and different themes help patients perceive individual hindrances in their recuperation. The program gives the individual instruments to beat bottlenecks that they are looked with.



Customers needing a more drawn out treatment program are prescribed to Extended Care by their own advocates, which could be stretched out to a period between a half year to a year. This offers an individual a total year long space to rebuild his/her whole way of life. LAKSH Recovery program draws its motivation from the multidisciplinary treatment of the Minnesota Model and Hazalden, USA.