Employee Assistant Program

It is a well recognized fact that in any industry at any given time, up to 18% of the total work force may have serious personal problems; one of the main problems being Chemical Dependency. This has adverse affects on the individual’s performance at work and further leads to degeneration of his entire life. Chemical Dependency is a progressive disease, and like other diseases the earlier it is identified and treated, the greater are the chance of recovery. Victims of the disease may fail to recognize its pressure or are terrified of the consequences of total abstinence. When a client’s indulgence affects his / her job performance or they are unable to restrict the use of their chemical, treatment becomes necessary. Industrial realities are an effective motivational tool. Any threat to ones job security amounts to crisis. Given a chance to improve performance and resolve crisis’, employees are more apt to take up the assistance offered.

Laksh NashaMukti Provides the Following :

  • Consultancy
  • Training and Education
  • Assessment and Referral services by professionals
  • Effective treatment facilities for the chemically dependent and family members
  • After care programme and Family therapy

Advantages of the Program Indicate the following :

  • Referrals are based only on the decline in job performance.
  • Focus is not on the individual problem.
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Motivation to change or continue in recovery
  • Referral to change or continue in recovery
  • Referral and admission
  • Follow up